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Whether you currently work in the health care industry as a provider, as a manager, an administrator, or you are simply a prospective student looking for a career in health care, there are an abundance of opportunities that await you within this industry. In fact, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics has states that of the twenty fastest growing jobs today, fifty percent of them are related to the health care industry. By 2018, it is expected that roughly 3.2 million new health care related jobs will be created. Though job placement is never guaranteed, in times of economic uncertainty, it makes sense to be explore a career field that is certain to at least present opportunities for employment.

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That being said, because the career choices in health care are many, it can often be difficult and sometimes overwhelming to know where to begin and how to identify which career best fits your personality, needs, and interests. has been designed with this in mind. Each career has been placed into one of five health care pathways: direct patient care, imaging and diagnostics, facility support, health informatics and business, and research and development.

If you know for sure that you want to be in direct contact with patients on an daily basis, start by exploring the careers within the "direct patient care" pathway. If management or the business side of health care is what peaks your interest about the industry, begin by exploring careers within the informatics / business pathway. Regardless of where you begin and where you end up, you will find a great deal of information including health care job descriptions, education and training information, licensure and certification requirements, and career action plans to help guide you along in this process.

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