Career Advancement in the Health Care Field

Upward mobility has been tagged in the media as being more difficult than ever to attain here in the United Sates. There is a lot of data that supports this view. In most industries this is applicable. Health care is a different environment and different factors apply. this is not to say that there are jobs and opportunities in all sectors of health care, but there has been continued demand for health care services and indications are that this could very well continue as the country moves toward more positive economic times.

Depending on the position you are currently in, there may be numerous avenues to pursue with just the experience you have gained in your current position. Others may require further education. Having a good sense of where you want to take your career over the next year, five years and ten years is a great strategy. Not everyone has the ability to do this, especially since life comes up frequently. However, planning ahead and understanding that detours will happen is a good place to start.

The careers listed below are broken into clusters, that more easily allow you to find your current position or a position you may like to explore further.

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