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The world of health care is booming and proves to be one of the fastest growing industries today. In a rapidly growing and aging population, this trend is likely to continue for some time, thus creating an abundance of health care related jobs and careers. In health care, your job choices are many and there are careers for those with varying levels of education ranging from a high school diploma to an associate’s, bachelor’s, masters, or professional degree. Regardless of where you fall in the spectrum of education or experience, this site was designed with one main goal in mind and that is to help you find your ideal place in the health care field.

Because the field of health care is so expansive and there are so many careers to choose from, it is often difficult to know where or how to begin your search. In an effort to simplify this, each health care career is categorized below under one of five health care pathways: direct patient care, imaging and diagnosis, health care facility support, informatics and business, or research and development. Once you have decided which pathway is optimal, energy and focus can be directed towards preparing for a career within that pathway.

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You’ve decided that a career in health care may be right for you. Now it is time to choose your path…

Direct Patient Care

Do you want to work with patients and help them feel better? If so, there is a career in therapeutics for you. Explore your path to becoming a medical assistant, pharmacy technician, an LPN…

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Imaging and Diagnostics

Would you like to use technology to aide in the diagnosis of patients that are sick or injured? Explore careers in diagnostics including radiology technicians, MRI technologists, medical lab techs, and others.

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Health Care Facility Support

Perhaps creating a therapeutic environment suitable for health care is appealing to you. Jobs from biomedical engineer to hospital maintenance manager are vital to the support of a therapeutic environment.

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Health Informatics/Business

Is it the business side of health care that interests you most? Explore a wide range of careers including information tech, medical coder, health educator, health administrator, transcriptionist and others.

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Research & Development

Would you like to use science and technology to make improvements in the therapeutics and diagnostic arenas of health care? Discover how you can with careers like biostatistics, toxicology, bioinformatics.

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As you explore this site, you will find detailed career profiles with additional career resources designed to answer questions such as, “where do I begin, what type of education or experience do I need to become a….?” Though these resources will not guarantee you job placement in the health care field, they certainly can be utilized as tools to help direct you down the right path. With such resources available at your fingertips, you will find an excellent place to begin your quest, whether it be to start a career in health care or to expand your roles and responsibilities in a current occupation.

Wonder How You Can Use Your Marketing and Social Media Knowledge in the Field of Health Care?

This is a hot new area in health care that is showing a strong uptake. These articles provide a glimpse of what is happening now. Generate ideas about roles you may be able to take on.

Spotlight Careers in Health Care

The health care industry is one of the nation’s fastest growing industries. Visit our health care career center to learn about some of the hottest careers in health care today. Career opportunities exist in various sectors of health care, yet some areas are growing faster than others. Below is a list of just a few of the fastest growing health care careers today:

Not only are hands on medical professionals needed more than ever, there is tremendous potential for growth in areas directly related to health care such as health care informatics. Regardless of the career path you choose, you will find that jobs in this sector are plentiful. Whether our are new to the workforce, new to the field of health care, or looking for career change or advancement, there are resources here to be utilized by all.

What Can You Do With This Degree?

Do you already have a degree? Do you want to know what opportunities are out there for a specific degree? Explore potential career opportunities…

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Making Headlines in Health Care

Read current articles and opinion pieces impacting the field of health care. Find new trends in health care hiring and learn about areas of health care you might want to explore.

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Explore Accredited Health Care Schools

If you already know which area of health care you would like to pursue, the next step is to find the education programs that will most adequately prepare you for success in your new career. Explore accredited schools that offer online health care degrees or research health care schools by state. Either way, our goal is to make your quest for a successful future in health care a reality.