Life Care Planning Career

Life Care Planner Job Description

Choosing a career in life care planning can be a very rewarding choice. Whether you are a nurse looking to branch into something different or another type of health and human services professional just looking for a change,this is a new and exciting option. As a life care planner you will help people cope with catastrophic injuries, chronic health problems, psychiatric conditions, neurological conditions, and other long term disabilities. You will work with the patients and their families to help develop a “life plan” to best maintain and improve their overall quality of life.

Life care planners also act as liaisons between the medical and legal communities. You will work directly with the doctors of the patients to assess current and future medical needs. Based on these findings, you may analyze and project future medical costs, long term care costs, and provide legal advice to your clients. You may be called upon to help settle lawsuits involving your clients by testifying on your clients behalf as to their loss of future wages, rehabilitation needs, medical costs, and more.
Job opportunities include positions with insurance companies, law firms, hospice groups, government agencies, and HMO’s. Another option is to start your own consultation business for private clients.

Education and Training for a Career in Life Care Planning

To be eligible for most life care planning certification programs you need to have experience as a health or human services professional or be a licensed registered nurse. Generally people interested in this field include occupational therapists, rehab counselors, RN’s, case managers, social workers, professional counselors, psychologists, physical therapists, medical doctors, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, special education professionals, and licensed speech pathologists. Qualified individuals can earn their life care planning certificate online from Kaplan University.

Life Care Planner Salaries and Job Outlook

According to a survey completed by members of the CLCP (certified life care planners), salaries can range from $80 to $150 per hour. Job opportunities are expected to increase faster than average. This is because there is such a high demand for life care planners, but a very small supply. According to the Commission on Health Care Certification, there are only 560 life care planners across the nation. This is an exciting and new career opportunity within the field of health care and a chance to improve the quality of life for so many individuals.

Life Care Planner Programs

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