Imaging and Diagnostics Pathway

Imaging and diagnostics is the second of five health care pathways discussed here. This is a rapidly growing and extremely significant sector of the health care umbrella. Most careers that fall into this pathway do not involve day to day direct patient interaction. Instead, they involve the use of diagnostic imaging technology. With the evolution of technology, techniques in ultrasound, x-ray, and mri are being used more readily. Each play a significant role in determining patient diagnosis earlier than previously possible, thus making it much easier to determine what type of care a patient should receive far earlier than before.

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Job possibilities in imaging and diagnostics are many with new opportunities cropping up all of the time. Many jobs within this sector require a specific education or training, Careers include those such as an ultrasound technicians, cardiovascular technologists, medical laboratory technologists, radiology technicians, and even radiologists.

If you think that you are the type of person that would like the daily responsibility of documenting a persons health at a specific point in time and be there to lend a helping hand in the initial diagnostic phase of the disease or injury process, this is the healthcare pathway for you.

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If you haven’t come across a career that you are looking for, you may be interested in researching additional health care careers that fall under the other four health care pathways: hands-on patient care, informatics, health care facilities support, and research and development.

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