Research and Development

Choose a career that utilizes advancements in science and technology to augment treatment and diagnostic capabilities in health care.

Research and Development is one of the five health care pathways. It encompasses a broad spectrum of health care careers each of which use advancements in science and technology to improve health care. Careers in R&D lay the foundation for which an effective health care system is made possible. Without time, money, and resources poured into this sector, health care would be at a stand still.

If you want to play a role in developing the latest advancements in health care, whether it be through science, research and development, biotechnology discoveries, or both, there is a career in this pathway waiting for you. Examples of jobs in this sector include, but are not limited to, biomedical engineers, biomedical chemists, lab technicians, biostaticians, toxicologists, and pharmaceutical scientists.

In the area of research and development, you will find that opportunities exist for individuals with all levels of education and experience. Whether you have or are working towards a diploma, an associate’s or bachelors degree, a masters or professional degree, there is a career in R&D waiting for you. There is never a bad time to learn about what type of health care jobs in this sector are available. Whether you are a student, a health care professional looking for career advancement, or someone that is looking for a career change altogether, here you will find step by step career plans that can help you obtain your goals.

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Careers in Research and Development – Careers that involve science and technology…

If you haven’t come across a career that you are looking for, you may be interested in researching additional health care careers that fall under the other four health care pathways: imaging and diagnostics, informatics, health facility support, and patient directed care.