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Becoming a medical administrative assistant is a great way to enter into the growing health care industry and benefit from the sector’s tremendous growth. Medical billing has becoming much more high-tech, and most office staff in the medical field need to be highly trained in billing, as well as knowledgeable about office procedures and medical terminology and technology. They can work not only as receptionists in physician offices, but also in dental offices offices, chiropractic offices, nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, or with insurance companies. Billing, scheduling appointments, and managing records are just some of the duties that are integral to keeping a medical practice operating smoothly.

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Earning an associate degree in medical office administration can prepare you for this job and help make you more competitive for positions. Completing an educational training program is required if you plan to become certified. Studies will cover topics such as medical terminology, billing technology, electronic health records, as well as insurance claims forms and determining coverage. You will also learn about basic office administrative tasks. Upon completing a training program, you will be able to handle documentation, manage medical data, bill insurance companies, and you will be trained in proper office communication and correspondence.

Should I become a certified medical administrative assistant?

The National Healthcare Association offers medical administrative certification, which can prepare you for entering into this career or qualify you for a higher salary or increased responsibility in your current job. Certification requirements can vary depending on the state and employer, but it is generally voluntary. However, certification is always a good idea because it demonstrates your knowledge and commitment to excellence. The NHA offers certification as a medical administrative assistant (CMAA), or as a certified electronic health record specialist (CEHRS) or a certified billing and coding specialist (CBCS). A CBCS converts medical diagnosis or procedure into codes for the purposes of reimbursement. In order to take the certification exam, you need to have a high school diploma and successfully complete an accredited training program within one year of taking the exam. Alternatively, if you have worked at least one year in the field, and within a year of taking the exam, you do not need to complete a training program to be eligible.

Salary and career advancement opportunities

According to, the average salary for a medical office administrative assistant is $42,000. Like most health care careers, even the administrative jobs are becoming more specialized and require some training. With the proper experience and continuing education, you could advance to becoming an office manager, or earn multiple certifications. In a short time you could enjoy a career in a growing industry with a solid salary and benefits, but you will greatly benefit if you first earn an associate degree and certification. Check the NHA website for approved training programs, and get started now on your way to becoming a certified CMAA.

To learn more about this profession, you may wish to explore schools that offer medical administrative assistant programs. You may also be interested in learning more about the certification process for becoming a CMAA.