Health Informatics / Business Pathway

Explore careers in health care that document patient care and put your communication, technology, and business skills to use…

The field of health informatics has grown so rapidly in the past several years, that it has now been deemed as one of the five major health care pathways. Careers that fall under this pathway don’t generally involve direct patient care. Instead, careers in the informatics / business pathway focus on essential everyday service needs including patient documentation services, medical records management, administration services, drug utilization review, hospital unit coordination, appointment booking, information/communication systems development, and more.

There is very little today in health care that doesn’t involve informatics or business. Yes, the core of health care is about treating illnesses, disease, injury, and saving lives. As patient advocates, the health informatics and business professionals help make this happen more effectively everyday. Their hard work and diligence removes many burdens from health care providers, thereby allowing them to spend more time with patients. The end result is paramount and translates into the delivery of effective, higher quality health care.

Careers in this pathway include those such as medical billers, health information coders, reimbursement specialists, health care administrators, data analysts, risk managers, public health educators, and many more. These professionals work in various environments, including hospitals, mental health facilities, community health clinics, private offices, and surgery centers.

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Careers in Informatics & Business – Careers that document and facilitate patient care…

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