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In an ever growing and expanding society, there is almost nothing more important than the welfare of the citizens. In order to assure the well-being of American individuals and families, colleges across the nation are seeking diligent individuals with a passion for their community. These men and women will go onto become Social Workers, devout professionals who seek to maintain a high standard of living for all those with who they come into contact.

One of the most alluring aspects of the Social Work field is its versatility. The men and women in this field can be found all over the employment map, from rehabilitation clinics to government offices and educational institutions. The predominant goal among Social Workers is a simple one – to improve the daily lives of their clients, assisting people in coping with the demands and difficulties of their day to day existence. This can be done at a variety of levels, whether with the elderly, the young, or those living under low-income circumstances. Social workers also play a large role in the school system, often acting as the go-between in dealings with students, their families, and the educational institution. They address issues such as truancy, misbehavior, or other matters related to conduct in the learning environment.

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In order to prepare for such a diverse field, those seeking certification as social workers should pay careful attention to their college coursework. It should be noted that, unlike some other positions which deal with the public, Social Workers are required to possess a four-year degree from an accredited college. A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (commonly known as a BSW) is the most common starting point. This can land graduates a job as assistants or leads in small community firms.

There are, however, further means of advancement. If students wish to gain an edge in the employment world, it may be desirable to stay on in school. By obtaining a Master’s Degree, a whole new world of advanced positions will be open to the job seeker. The Clinical field especially requires a Master’s, as do a great deal of high-ranking positions within state or local governments.

Job Outlook and Wages for Social Workers

According to a government survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the spring of 2009, there were nearly 2,000,000 social workers operating within the United States . Given the condition of the current job market, prospective Social Workers can look forward to a strong set of wages. On average, the members of this field earned just over $20.50 per hour, which works out to an annual income of nearly $43,000. Those just getting their start can expect to draw closer to $14 per hour, or about $29,000 each year. After gaining sufficient experience, Social Workers can see their pay rise all the way to $68,000-plus per year, which works out to an hourly wage of just under $33.

This same survey also predicted that the Social Workers’ field would grow more rapidly than nearly all other areas of employment. So far, this has proven to be true. With such a wide variety of positions available, it should come as no surprise that certified Social Workers are finding jobs at what nearly amounts to a record pace.

To learn more about becoming a social worker you may wish to explore schools that offer degrees in social work and related fields. You may also be interested in learning more about the certification process for social workers across the country.

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