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Your MRI technology career plan will be slightly different depending on whether you are a high school student or a health professional. Many of the prerequisites for success will be the same, though. Here are some tips.

  1. Take a college prep curriculum and make sure you are prepared to meet post-secondary entrance requirements Programs at the associate’s level often include academic skills tests as well as prerequisite courses. Focus on math, science, and computer applications. Also focus on oral and written communication These skills can make or break a career.

  2. Do some career exploration. You can participate in health careers camp through organizations like AHEC. Hospitals have job shadow opportunities.

  3. Select a program at the appropriate level. There are several career pathways. You may go straight into MRI technology or you may pursue a degree in radiologic technology first and then specialize in MRI. (The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job prospects are better for techs with specialized training in areas like MRI.)

    The associate’s degree will soon be a mandate for technicians seeking certification through ARRT. Unless you already have a degree at the associate’s level or higher, or are credentialed in a closely related field like radiography, you will take a course of study that includes some general studies.

  4. Complete any prerequisite courses. These may include composition and algebra as well as health studies. Fulfill other entrance requirements like health exams and vaccinations.

  5. Complete coursework and required clinical hours. Now it’s time to search for a position. Your clinical experience could lead to a permanent job. Otherwise, you’ll probably want to use online job boards and also network through your professional organization.

Personality traits: Employers look for candidates who are responsible with good people skills. Some degree of mechanical aptitude is necessary to make it through the program.