Massachusetts Radiologic Technologist Schools

If you’re interested in becoming a radiology technologist in Massachusetts, you should begin by researching academic programs that are accredited either by a regional accrediting body or a national accrediting body or by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JCERT) if you are interested in national certification in radiology technology at some point in your career. Find accredited radiologic technologist schools in MA offering radiology technology and related programs. Programs typically take two years of full-time study. You may need to complete several prerequisite courses before admission.

Although the requirements are not as steep as in graduate-level health programs, there will be some selectivity in the admission process. Schools will expect physical health and technical competency, academic aptitude, and a professional and legal background that meets the standards of professional credentialing agencies.

Radiologic Technologist Certifications and Licensure – MA

As a healthcare worker, you will need CPR certification. You will need to take a licensing examination before you can attain full licensure in Massachusetts. As you near completion of your program, you may apply to the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) to take the national certifying exam. You may also submit an application to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to take the state licensing exam. You should be aware that a lot of employers do ask for current registration with the ARRT.

If you are a graduate of a JCERT-accredited program or an approved program, you can work under a temporary radiology technology license for up to a year while you are fulfilling examination requirements. You will find a separate application on the board site for temporary licensing. When you apply for a permanent license, you will send a notarized copy of your certification.

If you want a mammography permit, you must perform at least 75 mammography procedures while under supervision. You will also need to demonstrate competency in mammography-related quality control. You can then pursue mammography certification through the ARRT.

If you completed your education elsewhere, you may be eligible for a reciprocal license. Foreign applicants should be aware that Massachusetts will accept certifying examinations from some organizations that are based in other countries; examples include the Canadian Association of Medical Radiologic Technologists and the British College of Radiographers. Massachusetts does not, however, recognize limited x-ray licenses issued by other states. The key is that the credential must be equivalent.

If you have been practicing mammography as a radiologic tech somewhere other than Massachusetts, you should download the Mammography Training Attestation supplement from the Massachusetts board site.

Radiologic Technologist Career Outlook in Massachusetts

Massachusetts radiology technologists have the highest salary average in the nation: an impressive $80,630. Wages are even higher in the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy metropolitan area: $91,840. It’s the Boston area, in fact, that’s driving up the state average. Barnstable Town is listed as $72,310, and much of the state is in the 60K – 70K range — still above the national average.

Within a geographic region, there can be a good deal of wage variance. Nationwide, technologists at universities make more than the norm; specialists at premier hospitals are also well compensated.

Workforce projections estimated 10% growth in the Massachusetts radiology technology field over the course of the 2008 to 2018 decade. This translates to about 160 annual open positions. Massachusetts currently employs more than the average number of workers (when figured on a per population basis).

Radiologic Technologist Professional Organizations and Licensing Board in MA

  • Licensing Agency: Health and Human Services Radiation Control Program

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  • Professional Organization: Massachusetts Society of Radiologic Technologists

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