Louisiana’s Radiologic Technologist Schools

You need a license to practice radiology technology in Louisiana. Usually this means completing a rigorous two year technical program and putting in quite a few hours out in the field. Your first step will be researching accredited radiology technology programs. Find radiologic technology schools in Louisiana offering radiology technology and related programs. You may need to complete prerequisites like biology before enrolling.

Radiologic Technologist Licenses and Certifications for Louisiana

There are several different categories of radiology technology. The board issues separate licenses for radiographers, nuclear medicine technologists, and radiation therapists. Each has a unique scope of practice, though there is some overlap. Some technologists increase their employability by pursuing multiple certifications. Fusion Technologist is a new category for those who hold both licensing in nuclear medicine and CT certification.

There are a variety of other post-primary certifications that you can pursue. They may increase your employment options, even if they don’t change your official scope of practice.

While you’re completing your initial education, you may want to pursue student membership in the Louisiana Society of Radiologic Technologists. You’ll find a lot of opportunities to distinguish yourself, from essay and exhibit competitions to participation in the student advisory council.

When you’re approaching graduation, you can apply for a license through the Louisiana State Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners. You typically complete this step before taking the licensing exam. You may work under a temporary license while waiting to take the examination and receive results.

If you have been licensed elsewhere, you can apply for a license by endorsement.

Private Radiologic Technologist in Louisiana

In order to use radiation for medical diagnostic purposes anywhere within the state of Louisiana, you will need licensing. However, not all radiology technology licenses come from the Louisiana State Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners. The Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners issues licenses to individuals who perform radiologic procedures only in private physicians’ offices.

Private Radiologic Technologists may have education comparable to general radiologic technologists; however, many have completed shorter, board-approved courses. They must have at least twelve semester hours of formal coursework in addition to a clinical practicum. A physician must also attest to the competency of the technician.

A Private Radiologic Technologist license may be compared to the limited scope license issued by some other state boards; however, it’s not quite the same thing. A Private Radiologic Technologist may perform some procedures that are not generally under the scope of practice of the limited radiographer.

It should be noted, however, that nationwide, doctors’ offices are among the lowest paying settings for radiology technologists and technicians. Complex radiologic procedures are typically performed in other settings.

Radiologic Technologist Career Outlook in Louisiana

An associate degree can indeed help lead one to a lucrative career. The BLS reported an average salary of $48,960 for Louisiana radiology technicians and technologists during the 2011 reporting period. The middle range earned between $41,100 and $56,870. Location within the state has some impact on salary. The highest wages are in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas, the lowest in Shreveport.

Louisiana’s radiology technology field is growing. The government has projected 100 job openings a year between 2008 and 2018. This reflects 16% occupational growth; replacement has also been figured in.

These figures do not include nuclear medicine technologists. Here salaries are even higher, and the growth rate is just as strong.

Radiologic Technologist Professional Organizations and Licensing Boards

  • Licensing Agencies: Louisiana State Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners

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  • Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners

Click Here to visit the website. You can find a list on the site of the Louisiana State Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners.

  • Professional Organization: Louisiana Society of Radiologic Technologists

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