Iowa’s Radiologic Technologist Schools

Iowa issues radiography permits at several levels. You can become a general diagnostic radiographer, a limited diagnostic radiographer, or a limited in-hospital radiographer. Eventually you may become a radiologist assistant.

Limited Radiography Licensing

As a limited diagnostic radiographer, you will need only a short training program. Find accredited radiology technology and radiographer training programs in Iowa. However, you can only perform x-rays of the upper and lower extremities, chest, sinus, and spine. In order to perform x-rays of children under three, you must have additional training in pediatric radiography.

If you work as a limited diagnostic radiographer in a small hospital, you may have your scope of practice increased if certain requirements are met: 1) The facility itself must perform less than 5,000 annual examinations. 2) You must have appropriate training in the specific procedures you will be performing.

The training is specific to the facility; being deemed qualified to perform a particular type of x-ray at one facility does not automatically mean you will be deemed qualified to perform a similar x-ray at another facility.

You should be aware that nationwide, rural health care facilities are more likely to have shortages of qualified workers.

Radiography — Full Certification

With full certification, you can perform a range of procedures; thus, you are more likely to find your services in demand. General radiologic technology licensing will require about two years of full-time study. You should look for a program that has been accredited by JCERT (or a school with regional or national accreditation offering a radiology technology program). Find accredited radiologic technologist schools in Iowa offering related programs.

At the close of the program, you will take an exam. You have several options. You can pursue national certification through the ARRT. If you are not applying for national certification, you will submit an application to take the licensing exam — you can download it from the site of the Iowa board. You can make up to three attempts at the exam. If you haven’t passed at that point, you will need to take additional coursework.

Additional Certifications and Licenses for Radiologic Technology Professionals

As an ARRT-certified radiographer, you may apply for a state qualification in mammography. You will need to show that you have completed 40 hours of training in mammography and have met the supervision requirement (25 patients).

At one point, Iowa required technologists to have additional education/ training to have CT added to their state-issued certificates. Requirements have been suspended. As a general diagnostic radiographer, you can still pursue voluntary CT certification through the ARRT.

You can pursue additional voluntary certifications in areas like bone densitometry or MRI. These are contingent on your having performed the required clinical procedures. Beginning in 2016, you will also need to show that you have met educational requirements specific to the specialty or modality.

It is possible to do post-licensure specialist coursework via internet. However, you will also need to meet clinical requirements — either by performing the required procedures at your work setting or enrolling in a separate internship.

Some technologists take advanced programs and become radiologist assistants. This level of licensing qualifies you for an expanded scope of practice.

Radiologic Technologist Career Outlook in Iowa

Iowa radiology technologists average $22.27 an hour or $46,320 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The greatest concentration of workers is found in the Davenport area.

Radiology technology is a growing field. In Iowa, the demand has been projected to rise 16% during the decade between 2008 and 2018.

Iowa Radiologic Technologist Professional and Licensing Organizations

  • Licensing Agency: Iowa Department of Public Health Bureau of Radiological Health

Click Here to visit the website.

  • Professional Organization: Iowa Society of Radiologic Technologists

You can find a list of Iowa radiology technology programs in Iowa on the site of the Iowa Society of Radiologic Technologists. Click Here to visit the website.