Health Care Schools and Careers in Canada

As in the United States, healthcare is one industry in Canada that is consistently growing, offering extensive employment opportunity. Since 2008, jobs in healthcare and social assistance have continually grown even while other industries have declined. Jobs in these two sectors jumped 5.1%, offering employment in not just hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities, but also in nursing homes and residential care facilities.

Contributing to the growth in this sector is the expanding aging population in Canada. Life expectancies are longer, birth rates are down, and consequently a larger portion of the population is over 65. It is estimated by demographers that by 2031, 20% of Canada’s population will be over age 65, and nearly half of that population will be considered elderly. This will put an enormous demand on the healthcare system, and in influx of applicants will be needed to fill all of the needed positions.

Additionally, not only is the aging population expanding, but a large portion of the workforce will be approaching retirement, further straining the system. Insufficient numbers of healthcare workers are also a contributing factor leading to very long wait times for patients in hospitals. Many are urging the Canadian Health Minister to actively recruit, educate, and train health professionals in much larger numbers so that the healthcare industry can better meet the population’s needs both now and in the future.

These impending shortages and population changes all translate to many employment possibilities. The nation will be striving to fill the gaps to ensure that its people have sufficient care. Jobs are available not just in clinical settings, but also include administrative, technical and assisted living jobs. Nursing jobs, in particular, will be in great demand. They make up the largest number of healthcare workers in Canada, representing nearly half of the entire healthcare workforce. Like most countries, there is a nursing shortage. In northern rural areas, especially, nurses are needed, and can work more independently and take on more responsibility in their position, running entire clinics.

Choosing a career in healthcare in Canada could mean stable, consistent work with options to work in varied settings. Some education and training will be necessary, so first choose the career path right for you, and find out which educational program can help you achieve a rewarding career helping people.

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