Pharmacy Technician Schools in Indiana

Why become a pharmacy technician in Indiana? Pharmacy technology is a growing field that combines service to others with good earning potential. Indiana’s pharmacy technicians work in hospitals, retail establishments, and long term care settings, assisting pharmacists and helping patients maintain health.

An ideal candidate is a person with strong math aptitude who is comfortable with computers, takes pride in providing good customer service, and enjoys — or at least doesn’t mind — performing some repetitive tasks. Pharmacy technicians have a surprising range of duties, which vary by setting. In a health care facility like Community Hospital South, duties may include preparing chemotherapy and other sterile products as well as compounding medications. Pharmacy technicians who work for insurance companies, meanwhile, may spend much of their time entering information into computer systems. Typical job duties at a retail setting include quite a bit of customer service in addition to restocking, bottle labeling, and helping fill prescriptions. It should be noted that retail positions are the most common, and often the easiest to obtain.

Pharmacy Technician Certification in Indiana

Pharmacy technician training in Indiana begins with a solid education. Before beginning field-specific training, prospective technicians should have, at the minimum, a high school diploma or the equivalent. They may then choose whether to complete a board-approved pharmacy technician educational program or seek national certification through one of the two national certifying agencies, the PTCB or the ICPT. Some pharmacy technicians choose to do both. Indeed, many educational programs are aligned with the national tests and have exam preparation among their stated goals. Some employers specify that applicants should be board certified. In Indiana, there are 4,960 technicians certified by the PTCB alone!

There are a number of options for those who choose formal education. Some pharmacy technician training programs cater to particular populations. Clarian Health in Indianapolis is an option for those who are particularly interested in working within the medical system (inpatient or outpatient). It is a full-time day program that runs for approximately 30 weeks. Other programs are shorter and designed to meet the needs of working professionals; some may even be completed online. Students should expect to take a math placement exam and possibly a keyboarding test as well. Prerequisites may be required for those who do not score at the expected level. Ultimately, pharmacy technician training does help students get jobs in Indiana. Some employers test candidates on basic skills, either formally or informally.

Pharmacy Tech Salary and Job Outlook in Indiana

Pharmacy technicians earn a solid income. There is a lot of variance in salary nationwide as well as in Indiana. Work setting, experience, and certification are interrelated factors that determine a pharmacy technician’s salary. Nationally, jobs at regional hospitals pay more than jobs at retail stores, but are less plentiful.. Within the retail industry, grocery stores tend to pay the best, with an average salary of $28,610. General and surgical hospitals meanwhile average $32,710 and insurance carriers $37,610.

Although there are many jobs available — and more expected in the future — competition for some positions is stiff. It pays to have more of the qualities the employer is seeking. Employers list various preferred qualifications, which can include skills as well as credentials. QoL Meds, in Merrillville, for example, seeks applicants who have graduated from an accredited pharmacy training program and possess the right set of personal attributes. The QoL team looks for strong interpersonal and communication skills, noting that their employee will be working directly with patients.

Some pharmacy technicians improve their job prospects through specialty training and certification. One option is nuclear pharmacy. Some hospital employers send technicians for IV training, notes a representative of Contra Costa Medical Career College. A scan of hospital job postings reveals this skill is in demand around the nation.

Take the first step toward entry into this field by finding a pharmacy technician program that fits your schedule and needs.

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