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As America’s medical industry continues its march into the future, there is a new field of men and women ready to lead the charge. The increasing role of technology has played a vital part in this expansion, which has resulted in an increased calling for professionals capable of handling the massive influx of data. This is where the members of the Health Informatics community have earned their chance to shine.

Health Informatics Training in Wyoming

Poised at the intersection of medicine, communication, and computing, this exciting new discipline offers an incredible degree of flexibility to its practitioners. Training in the field involves the collection, storage, and careful distribution of confidential medical records. This sort of task is commonplace in all manner of institutions, from hospitals and correctional institutions to college campuses and major corporations.

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There are three tiers of certification offered in the Health Informatics field, each boasting a different degree of prestige. The most basic title available is that of Health Information Technician, or HIT, which can be obtained through the completion of an Associate’s degree program. Next in line is the Health Information Administrator. HIA’s earn their rank with a Bachelor’s degree at an accredited school, and boast a slightly higher job placement percentage than their junior contemporaries. At the top of the pile are those individuals who have gone on to complete their Master’s degree in Health Informatics. Only a few schools nationwide have earned the right to host such programs, making those with Master’s degrees among the most coveted commodities in the employment market.

Health Informatics Schools – Wyoming

While there are no brick and mortar courses offering Health Informatics certification within the borders of the Equality State, students have an astonishing roster of 16 different online schools to choose from. Certificates can be obtained at such digital destinations as the University of Phoenix and Drexel University Online, while others like Walden offer Bachelor’s degrees in the field. There are even a few, including the American Sentinel and Grantham Universities, which play host to highly coveted Master’s degree programs.

One of the largest draws of online colleges is their immense flexibility. Students with already busy schedules should have no problem juggling their class schedules, thanks to the far reaching power of the internet. After all, Health Informatics technicians will spend most of their professional lives dealing with technology. What better way to immerse oneself in the field than by obtaining the necessary degree through an online course?

Health Informatics Salary in Wyoming

Remarkably, Wyoming only employed an estimated 290 Health Informatics workers as of May, 2009 . This shallow pool translates into high demand which, in turn, results in higher wages. The same survey, conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, indicated an average annual wage of $33,440 for those in the industry, with hourly pay settling at just over $16. Fresh graduates can expect to see hourly compensation more in the $12.40 neighborhood, with a yearly take home of more than $25,750. Experienced professionals can see their pay climb to as much as $23.25 per hour, or just above $48,000 each year.

*Salary Data: Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Earnings Statistics

Health Informatics professionals of all stripes should consider joining up with the American Health Information Management Association. Known more concisely as AHIMA , this group of industry veterans has dedicated themselves to bettering the lives of today’s Informatics professionals. By providing their members with regular updates on the latest advances in medical communication, they’ve created a well informed body of budding experts. Their continually updates job boards will also act as a boon to younger professionals in search of their first paid position. Those who would like to get further information can visit the group’s website, www.ahima.org.

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