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Poised at the forefront of the East Coast’s medical field, the state of Vermont offers a wealth of employment in the health care industry. One of the newest titles to emerge from their ranks draws its calling from the increased use of computing among doctors and hospital technicians. As record keeping continues to march into the digital age, the need has arisen for capable and careful handlers of vital medical data. This is where Health Informatics professionals step into the fray. Charged with the collection, storage, and careful distribution of health information, these versatile individuals can find work in a variety of environments. From college campuses and correctional institutions to hospitals and large corporations, organizations everywhere will soon be in need of their services.

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Health Informatics Degrees in Vermont

At present, there are three tiers of seniority in the Health Informatics field. First is the Health Information Technician (or HIT), which requires a two year Associate’s degree in order to gain certification. The next level requires a more standard four-year Bachelor’s degree and is known as the Health Information Administrator, or HIA. The last level is much more difficult to come by. Students with a hunger for higher academic achievement can eventually earn a Master’s degree in Health Informatics, making them the rarest (and highest paid) breed of medical records professional.

Unfortunately for the citizens of Vermont, there are no brick and mortar campuses currently offering certification in this exciting new field. There is, however, another alternative – attending an online university. After all, a Health Informatics technician is expected to live on the cutting edge of technology. What better way to prepare oneself than by earning a degree in the digital realm?

Currently, there are eight internet schools offering Health Informatics degrees within the borders of the Green Mountain State. Among these are popular names such as the University of Phoenix and Capella University Online, whose programs have gained nationwide recognition. There are also several more specialized sources, such as Saint Joseph’s University and the University of Maryland University College, also known as UMUC Online. Each offers its own unique benefits to their students. With so many options available, finding the right school should be a relatively simple affair.

Health Informatics Salary – Vermont

Among the estimated 500 Health Informatics technicians employed across the state of Vermont as of May 2009 , the average hourly wage clocked in at $15.79, with annual pay reaching just over $32,800. Technicians just getting their start will be treated to yearly wages of closer to $25,000, which works out to a bit more than $12 per hour. Industry veterans, however, will see their yearly take home rise to over $47,000, while enjoying hourly wages of over $23.

*Salary Data: Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Earnings Statistics

Regardless of their financial or academic status, all Health Informatics workers are encouraged to join the American Health Information Management Association. Known more commonly as AHIMA , this group is made up almost exclusively of HIT’s and HIA’s, each dedicated to bettering the professional lives of their contemporaries. Toward this end, AHIMA provides regular updates on the latest advances in the medical communications industry, helping keep their members in the loop. They also host a well maintained job board, designed to assist recent graduates in their job search. More information can be found at their website,

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