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As digital record keeping becomes more and more popular in Rhode Island’s medical sector, the need has arisen for a new wave of talented data handlers. Known as Health Informatics technicians, these skilled individuals are among the most highly sought after commodities in the employment market. Known for its immense versatility, Health Informatics has become a popular discipline among students with a strong sense of organization and adventure. Because of the near-universal applications of their training, professionals young and old can find themselves working in all manner of places. From hospitals and college campuses to correctional institutions and major corporations, the need for their technical skills has never been greater.

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Health Informatics Degrees and Certification – Rhode Island

There are several levels of certification available in the Health Informatics field. The easiest to obtain is that of the Health Information Technician (or HIT), which is usually awarded upon the completion of a two-year Associate’s degree. Further up the chain is the Health Information Administrator (HIA), all of whom are required to finish a standard Bachelor’s degree. Some schools even offer Master’s degrees in Health Informatics, which can propel individuals’ salaries into six-digit territory.

One of the more interesting dynamics in the Health Informatics field comes on the academic side of things. While Rhode Island does not offer any physical campuses offering the necessary degrees, there are a variety of online schools available to prospective students. Because a large number of those studying for their HIT certification are deemed as nontraditional students, high internet enrollment should come as little surprise. The immense flexibility of digital domains such as the Capella University Online make it easy to fit school into a schedule already cluttered with job and family responsibilities.

Health Informatics Salary – Rhode Island

When compared with their growing population, Rhode Island’s number of Health Informatics technicians is relatively small. This shallow pool creates a higher demand for the profession’s services which, of course, translates into higher wages. On average, the state’s 760 RHIT’s and RHIA’s (as of May 2009 ) earned an hourly wage of $17.67, with a yearly take home pay of $36,760. Those just getting their feet wet can expect to be greeted with hourly pay starting around $13.60, with annual earnings of just under $28,400. Industry veterans will see their pay rise to over $53,000 per year, which works out to an hourly rate of more than $25.60.

*Salary Data: Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Earnings Statistics

All professionals in the Health Informatics field should consider joining their local chapter of the American Health Information Management Association. Usually referred to as AHIMA , this body of medical technicians offers several exclusive benefits to its members. Among its services are regularly updated job boards, as well as bulletins featuring the latest industry news. By keeping themselves abreast of the advances in health care communication, AHIMA helps its professionals stay in the loop. More information on this group can be found at their website, www.ahima.org.

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