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In the small state of New Hampshire, an new field of employment has emerged which offers high wages, diverse work environments, and unparalleled flexibility. Known as Health Informatics, this fledgling discipline has arisen from the increased use of computers in the health care industry. As America’s hospitals and medical facilities continue to expand their technological dependence, the demand for skilled data handlers has quickly outpaced the available supply.

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Health Informatics Careers New Hampshire

This is where today’s Health Informatics professionals come in. These individuals, trained in the collection and careful distribution of highly sensitive medical records and statistics, are finding work in all manner of places. From hospitals and correctional institutions to college campuses and large corporations, need for their services is staggering.

There are several levels of accomplishment in the Health Informatics field, each of which is determined by a professional’s academic status. The easiest title to obtain is that of Health Information Technician, or HIT, a moniker which requires only a two-year Associate’s Degree. On the next level you’ll find Heath Information Administrators, who are charged with a great deal of responsibility in their work environments. In order to earn this sort of trust from their employers, HIA’s must complete a standard Bachelor’s degree program, most of which stretch to the four year mark. At the pinnacle of the Informatics world are those who have obtained their Master’s degree. This level of certification is reached by only a select few, making their services among the most coveted in the medical world.

Health Informatics Degree Options in NH

While none of New Hampshire’s brick and mortar campuses offer courses in Health Informatics, there are several online colleges which have become immensely popular across the state. Places such as the University of Phoenix, Kaplan University, and Saint Joseph’s University all offer classes in the field. The convenience of internet colleges has long made them a favorite among potential technicians. This is due in large part to the high percentage of nontraditional students who opt to return to college for their Informatics degrees. Online classes, after all, are much easier to squeeze into a schedule loaded with professional and family responsibilities.

Health Informatics Salary in New Hampshire

Besides the occupation’s flexibility in the workplace, there is another factor which increases its allure. Like so many other things, it boils down to money. Among the New Hampshire’s estimated 1,090 Health Informatics technicians (as of May 2009 ) the average wage was reported at $15.69 per hour, with a yearly income of just over $32,600. Those just entering the field can expect to earn somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,700 each year, with an hourly rate of more than $12. Experience technicians can, in some cases, see their pay rise to as much as $23.80 per hour, which translates into an annual gross of nearly $50,000.

*Salary Data: Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Earnings Statistics

No matter where they get their training, all of New Hampshire’s Health Informatics technicians are eligible to join the state chapter of the American Health Information Management Association . Known more concisely as AHIMA, this exclusive group gleans its membership from the HIT and HIA ranks. As an organization, they are committed to improving the professional lives of their members. This is accomplished by providing regular updates on advances in the industry. They also hosts a carefully maintained job board, which provides assistance for new members just out of college. More information can be found at their website,

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