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In many respects, Canada’s health care system has proven to be the envy of the world. Their visionary industry has provided excellent care for its patients, while employing thousands of individuals from a myriad of professional backgrounds. One of the newest (and most versatile) jobs in Canadian medicine is known as Health Informatics. This discipline involves the careful collection, storage, and distribution of confidential patient data. As computers and other machines become an integral part of the treatment process, the need for skilled, technology savvy professionals has never been greater. Health Informatics technicians across the nation have stepped up to answer the call, finding employment in any number of places. From hospitals and correctional institutions to college campuses and major corporations, all have use for these skilled individuals.

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Health Informatics Schools – Canada

There are several institutions offering education in the Health Informatics field. One such school is George Brown College, located in Toronto. Through a three class per week program, this institution will give students all of the tools they need to succeed in the professional world. Another option can be found at the nearby University of Toronto, which offers a full-time curriculum designed to stretch over a 16-month period. This particular college also includes a four-month professional practicum, which will provide a boost to the resumes of its graduates. For those seeking even greater academic status, there is Dalhousie University. Located in Halifax, NS, this is one of the few Canadian colleges to offer Masters Degrees in the Health Informatics discipline.

Many of the same advances occurring in the medical field are also taking place in Canada’s educational system. The increasing use of computers has amounted to a new breakthrough in education – online colleges. Some of the colleges mentioned above offer their students the chance to participate in a portion of their courses through the internet, which can greatly simplify the process. This becomes especially useful for those who are already employed and find it necessary to squeeze their schooling into a relatively tight schedule.

No matter which educational institution a student graduates from, all are encouraged to join Canada’s national organization for Health Informatics technicians. Known as COACH , this group of individuals is dedicated to bettering the professional lives of its members. This is accomplished by providing them with updates on the latest advancements in the industry. COACH also hosts a regularly updated job board, which will help even the greenest graduate land their first paying opportunity. Those seeking more information should head to the group’s website,

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