How to Become a Medical Office Manager

The traditional route for becoming a medical office manager in a medical provider’s office was on the job training/experience. This is still a common practice, but as complexities in managed care, office policies, compliance, HIPAA and patient care increase there has been a shift toward hiring medical office managers with a combination of formal education and experience.

In todays competetive job market, pursuing a degree in medical office management is a good place to start especially if you are new to the health care field. Formal training may help set you apart from the competition, both on paper and in an interview scenario. Sound communication and effective decision making skills are an essential part of this profession. If you already are proficient in these areas, then you are a step ahead, but medical office management programs are tailored to further develop these specific skills as well.

Colleges and universities around the country have met the medical office manager formal education demand by offering associates, bachelors, and masters degrees in the the field of medical office management and health care administration/management. Below you will find a number of schools that offer programs specifically targeted to those that wish to enter the field of medical office management or administration. Request information to learn more from the schools directly.

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