Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Health Care Management

Complexities in the health care industry, such as managed care contracting, Medicare Part-D, HIPAA, rapidly expanding hospitals and medical practices and a host of related issues have created a high demand for people educated in the field of health care management, that can create cost containing strategies while maintaining productivity. A bachelor degree in health care management is the right choice for those willing to work hard in a competitive and lucrative field and dedicated to improving the lives of patients in their community.

Health Care Management Resource

Our bachelor’s degree programs in health care management take all aspects of a business management education and apply it to the health care industry. Bachelor’s degree courses in health care management often cover core finance, business, marketing, communication skills, and human resource topics. Major or concentration courses will cover legal and ethical issues in health care management, managed care, health care marketing, health and human behavior and related courses.

Bachelor’s in Health Care Management Graduate Careers

Graduates of health care management degree programs find jobs in all areas of health care including, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, long term care facilities, physician practices, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, biotechnology companies, health insurance companies and many more. The career opportunities in this growing industry are endless. Graduates with little or no prior work experience in health care or business usually start out in entry-level to mid-level positions and can quickly work their way up the ranks with dedication and a strong work ethic. Some typical career titles to consider include, compliance officer, purchasing coordinator, assistant health care administrator, medical office manager, practice administrator, nursing home director and many others. Career opportunities are plentiful around the country, whether in a rural or a metroplitan location. In fact, health care is the fastest growing industry and the second largest employer in the United States.

Health Care Management Salaries

Salaries in the health care field for graduates of health care management bachelor degree programs vary significantly depending on location, prior work experience, facility, government or non-government organization and a other factors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2006, reported that medical and health services managers earned an average annual salary of $81,160. The BLS does not state what prior education or experience their results are based on. They do say that those with higher education will have the best opportunities and higher wages. Our research found salaries for recent graduates to be a bit less in entry-level positions, a median annual salary of $44,289. Working up the career ladder the potential is there to make much more money and have the opportunity to make long lasting impacts on the health care provided in a community. Health care executives can earn serious money, upwards of 200,000 a year and more is not uncommon.

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