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Most states have licensing laws to regulate MRI technology. The procedures will vary a bit from municipality to municipality, but you will need to verify that you have met competency standards, and that you do not have a history of criminal behavior or licensing violations. Testing through the Association Registry of Radiological Technologists (or ARRT) is a frequent part of the process. In fact, you can go on the site of the ARRT and find a link to the licensing board in your state.

Some states recognize the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists (ARMRIT) as an acceptable credentialing agency. Both certifying bodies require an examination for initial certification and continuing education to maintain status. Exam eligibility requirements are a bit different depending on whether MRI is your primary certification or whether you are already certified in a a related profession. ARMRIT will allow various health workers, including foreign medical graduates, to take the certifying exam if they have 1,000 hours of acceptable MRI training.

ARMRIT requires six continuing medical education units a year (or 12 each renewal period) but makes an exception for the first two years after initial testing. ARRT certified technologists are expected to either take 24 units of continuing education during a two year period or pass a certifying exam in an area in which they were not previously certified. The number of units is the same whether a technologist has one certification or several. ARRT policies are a bit more complex as the organization certifies a number of professions. Each organization details the requirements for renewal online; it’s good to bookmark the page early on.

Whether or not your state has a licensing program in place, you will expect to be certified. This is especially important since 28 new policies went into effect for Medicare and Medicaid services. It’s also good practice in a field that meshes health care and radiation!