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Medical librarians are not licensed. Certification is a voluntary as far as the state is concerned, but some employers require it. You can become certified by the Academy of Health Information Professionals. There are different levels of membership. If you meet the educational requirements, you can become a provisional member while you’re still searching for that first job. You’ll need to show evidence of employment, though, when it comes time to renew your membership the following year.

You’ll still have provisional status for a few more years, and each year, you’ll have the responsibility of earning continuing education points. There are many ways to earn your points. You can attend classes at the annual meeting or on online. You can even participate in the independent reading program and earn credit for reading articles in professional journals. One good thing about being a provisional member is that you get a mentor to help you get your career off to a good start.

After five years in the field, you’ll move up to general membership status. At this point, you’ll be expected to earn points for professional accomplishment, not just continuing education. You will be responsible for earning fifty points during each five year cycle. The Academy recommends that you give yourself a cushion and earn at least a little more than what’s actually required.

And if you want to be a Senior Member or a Distinguished Member? You’ll need to earn more points, and there will be a few more rules about how you earn them. (Before you can wear the title of distinguished, you’ll need at least ten years out in the field.)