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Hospital maintenance engineers have specialized knowledge that allows them to work with hazardous equipment. As a hospital maintenance engineer, chances are good that you will be both licensed and certified. At the early stages of your career, your licensing and certification will be very similar to other maintenance engineers. If you go on to the management level, you may have certifications that are specific to health care facilities.

Most states license stationary engineers. Some cities also require a license. Policies will vary from municipality to municipality. There may be several levels of licensing indicating what type of work you can do without supervision. There will also likely be several paths to licensure. Some combination of work experience and education will qualify you to sit for examinations. (Those who perform the most basic tasks or work entirely under supervision may not be required to hold a license.)

Maintenance engineers often have multiple certifications that attest to their competency handling particular systems or dealing with hazardous materials. You might, for instance, need to be certified with chlorofluorocarbons. You can also seek voluntary professional certification through the International Maintenance Institute. Lower level certifications are for Certified Maintenance Technicians. Higher level certifications are for Certified Maintenance Professionals and Certified Maintenance Managers.

Experienced hospital maintenance engineers who hold degrees at the bachelor’s level may ultimately move into higher level management roles. If this is you, you may want to pursue certification through the American Hospital Association. In order to be certified as a Certified Healthcare Facility Manager, you will need experience with both engineering and health care. You will need to take a multiple choice examination for initial certification. You will renew your certification every three years.