Certification of Hospital Administrators

As a hospital administrator, you don’t need a state license, but you will want an impressive set of credentials. A big part of this is your curriculum vitae, including degrees, jobs, internships, and accomplishments. Professional certification is also a testament to your ability. The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) certifies health care administrators at the master’s and doctoral level. You may become a student affiliate while in school and attain regular affiliate status upon graduation. In order to progress to fellow status, you will need to meet some rigorous standards and continue to do so over a period of time. You can only earn this honor after five years of employment as a health care administrator. ACHE requires participation in two community or civic activities as well as two health care-related ones. You will need to develop professional relationships with ACHE fellows because several references are required. Testing is a part of the process as well. ACHE has a number of seminars and self-study programs for hospital executives. The process is difficult, but it’s designed to reward the well-rounded candidate that employers value.

ACHE is the gold standard, but you may apply for other certifications along the way. Your own background and career path will determine what’s most appropriate. The American Association of Healthcare Administration Management certifies administrators who are involved with patient accounts. Professional membership is required, as is health care experience. During your schooling, you will probably want to research various professional organizations; this can put you on the fast track for becoming credentialed later.