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Medical administrators who work in nursing homes must be licensed; this is the result of federal Medicare and Medicaid laws. Some states also require licenses for those at assisted living facilities. Most health service managers, though, do not need licenses to do their job. Many managers do earn licenses in other health care professions before crossing over into administrative roles.

Depending on where the administrator lives, she may need certification for certain public health roles. Illinois, for instance, has regulations for those involved in public health emergency preparedness. The Public Health Certification Practitioner Board is an Illinois-based organization that certifies Emergency Response Coordinators and Public Health Administrators. According to the Public Health Certification Practitioner Board, certification is, to an increasing degree, viewed as important; it may eventually become the standard for administrators employed by boards of health and other public health agencies.

We’re not there yet, so for now focus on getting a solid education. Voluntary certifications can be a testament to your expertise. The certifications you pursue will vary according to your education and work experience. Depending on your background, you may seek certification as a healthcare administrator or a public health worker. An experienced healthcare administrator can pursue certification through the American College of Healthcare Executives. This certification involves more than just passing a test; to be granted fellow status, you will need to be active in the healthcare field and the larger community. You will also need administrative experience, so certification won’t be your first step after graduation. Your CV is a big part of what will launch your career. Start interning early, and try to be the intern they don’t want to see get away!