Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Career Plan

Interested in becoming an ophthalmic medical assistant and assisting eye doctors with clinical and administrative tasks? It will take approximately a year of postsecondary education. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Become an Ophthalmic Assistant

Ophthalmology Resources

  1. Complete high school. Take college prep science and math courses. You will also want to develop your typing and computing skills.

  2. Also seek some experience out in the field. You may want to contact the Optical Laboratories Association.

  3. Take CPR training – this is often required. Taking it now can help you jump start your education.

  4. Research ophthalmic assistant programs that are accredited by CoA-OMP or CMA. Ophthalmic medical assistant programs are typically offered at the certificate level. Proper accreditation will make it easier for you to get certified. It may also allow you to take further education later and become an ophthalmic technician or technologist. If you enroll in a program that has a field work component, you may be able to get certified as soon as you finish school. (Otherwise you’ll need some work experience first.)

  5. Complete admission requirements. You will submit high school or college transcripts. You may also need to take an academic placement test and submit fingerprints.

  6. Do well in class and in your field assignments. Field placements may lead to permanent positions in the future.

  7. You can apply for certification at the close of your program. You may want to seek out other professional experiences, for example becoming a member of the Association of Technical Personnel in Ophthalmology.

  8. Look for a position. ATPO has online career resources.

Personality Traits: Ophthalmic medical assistants have good people skills. They work well as part of a team.