EKG Technician Career Plan

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It doesn’t take long to become an EKG technician. You may accomplish your goal within a year of high school graduation. Becoming an EKG tech can also be a good career move for nursing assistants and other less specialized heath care workers. In any case, it helps to do some advanced preparation.

  1. Take classes in math, science, computers, and typing. Graduation from high school is a must, and higher education can be a plus. Employers will list requirements like “intermediate computer skills” that won’t necessarily be included in a cardiac technology program. (You may be asked to display competence in programs like Microsoft Outlook.)

  2. Make sure you have good communication skills. It doesn’t matter whether you take communication classes or participate in extra-curricular activities, but develop a “bedside manner“. Careers in cardiology require you to communicate with ease with people who are stressed.

  3. Look for opportunities to shadow a professional or participate in other career exploration activities. Your Area Health Education Center is one resource. Projects like Health Ambassadors can provide a link between your high school career center and mentors out there in the real world.

    Get your CPR certification early. Also consider volunteering in a hospital setting. This provides a service to others, and to you as well. You can start to put together references for school and job applications — especially if you stick with the volunteer position for a year or so.

  4. Explore higher education options. Make sure any EKG program you consider is well respected and will give you the skills you need to pass certifying exams. (You will want to ask the program director what exams graduates sit for.)

  5. Enroll in a certificate or diploma course and complete your coursework and practicum.

  6. Look for job opportunities. Some jobs are posted on the site of Cardiac Credentialing International. Networking may also prove useful. There are no professional organizations exclusively for EKG technicians, but some other health care organizations, like the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians, welcome EKG techs. Sometimes you do need to pound the pavement for a bit. It can be good to turn in a resume even when you’re not sure there’s an opening.

Personality Traits: Employers posting through Cardiac Credentialing International ask for good communication and customer service skills, attention to detail, and a compassionate attitude.