Becoming a Personal Trainer

Become a Personal Trainer

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Interested in a career as a personal trainer? The following guide is designed for high school students and graduates alike.

  1. Take several years of science in high school. Enroll in health and PE courses. Also consider speech and communications. Personal trainers are sometimes self-employed, and they need to sell themselves as professionals. They also need to sell others on healthy habits.

  2. Participate in career fairs or shadow a professional. You may also want to volunteer, perhaps at a youth activity center. This will show commitment. If you stick with it long enough, the experience will look good on your college applications.

    Stay fit yourself. You don’t have to be an athlete, but you should understand fitness concepts and live by them.

  3. Get a head start by getting your CPR certification

    You may look for a summer job in a fitness center. Fitness centers hire for many types of jobs including clean up and child care. You’ll begin making connections even though you’re not ready yet for your dream job.

  4. Enroll in an exercise science or personal training program. You can get certified after a short course, but having a college degree will give you more options down the line.

    Since personal training is not a state-regulated profession, you will find a wide variety of program types. Internships may be a required or optional part of the program. It is probably to your advantage to take advantage of these even if they add time and money to the program. If you impress someone who you are interning for, they may have a permanent position for you down the line.

    You may want to take electives in areas like business.

  5. Take certifying exams, and attach some credentials to your name. Then begin looking for a job — or looking for clients. Your professional connections will be of use to you. The American Council on Sports Medicine provides many networking opportunities. IDEA, a national association of fitness professionals, has an online career center.

Personality Traits: Personal trainers are people-oriented and energetic. They are good communicators.