Medical Sonographer Career Plan

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The following steps are designed for high students or high school graduates interested in entering the exciting medical sonography field.

  1. Take anatomy and physiology and other college prep science courses. Take advanced math.

    Do job shadowing or career observations. This will confirm your career choice and also help you decide whether you want to specialize in a particular branch of sonography. There are several organizations that may help you. These include AHEC (Area Health Education Center) and HOSA (Health Occupations Student Association). Your guidance counselor is another good resource.

    Also get your CPR certification and try volunteering at a local hospital.

  2. Search for a two or four year degree program. Accreditation by CAAHEP is a sign of program quality and also ensures that you will be able to take certifying exams.

  3. Complete prerequisites. These may include medical terminology, anatomy, physics, and algebra. Successful completion of prerequisites — and competitive grades — is typically part of the admission process.

  4. Complete coursework and required clinical hours. Always treat externships like they were jobs — they could turn out to be!

  5. Join a professional sonography organization like the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (SDMS). This is optional, but will give you networking opportunities. Professional organizations also have resources like forums and continuing education opportunities.

  6. Find a job. Job leads can come from your work or volunteer experience or other professional activities. You can also search for jobs through

Personality Traits: The Mayo Clinic lists communication skills, professional image, and the ability to work on a team as part of the recipe for success.