Medical Administrative Assistant Career Plan

A medical administrative assistant is a well-educated executive secretary with special training in health care administration. While you can become one at virtually any age, early planning can help ensure that you have the skills for success.

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  1. Use your high school years to get a good academic foundation. Focus on composition and communications, computer applications, economics, and math. Make sure you have good typing skills.

  2. Also do career exploration activities like job shadowing. Learning for Life is among the organizations you may contact about job shadowing opportunities. You may also want to become secretary or treasurer of a club that you participate in. Although this will disappear off your resume in short order, it will give you a chance to try out various executive roles. It’s not a substitute for real world experience, but it can be a nice supplement.

  3. Research academic programs. They are offered at different levels. An associate’s degree will prepare you for more careers than a non-degree program. Some programs labeled “medical administrative assistant” are offered at the certificate level. Before enrolling in one, consider whether it provides the depth and breadth you need for the type of executive position you want. Some employers prefer candidates with degrees, simply because it’s regarded as a signal of aptitude. Whatever the level of the program, you’ll want to consider the school’s reputation and job replacement rate.

  4. That said, it’s not all about coursework. Employers also value candidates who have real world experience. Getting a job in an office setting can be helpful, even if it’s not in a medical setting.

  5. Do well in all your courses. Your professors may be professional references while you’re in the early stages of your career.

  6. Now it’s time to find a job as a medical administrative assistant. You will find online job boards through various organizations including the Association of Executive and Administrative Professionals and the American Medical Technologists.

Personality Traits: Employers look for administrative assistants with a wide range of aptitudes including interpersonal skills and written communication ability. If you peruse job ads, you’ll see that they frequently specify a typing speed and may note that you need the ability to handle multiple telephone lines. This requires multitasking ability.