Steps to Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant

Becoming a legal nurse consultant has many small steps, but two main ones. First you fulfill all requirements to become a registered nurse. Then you work on transitioning into the role of legal consultant. The following steps are designed to give you a guideline for achieving career goals

  1. If you’re a high school student, your goals are to confirm nursing as a career choice and get poised to be a stellar nursing school candidate (preferably at the bachelor’s level). Take advanced math and science courses. Also consider psychology, advanced government and composition courses, and public speaking.. Make sure your oral and written communication skills are excellent.

    Take advantage of career exploration opportunities like nursing camp. Camps are held across the country; they are hosted by universities and sometimes by medical centers and Area Health Education Centers (AHEC).

    ,p>Also consider volunteering.

  2. Get your CPR certification. Research RN programs and begin submitting applications.

  3. Fulfill RN schooling and licensing requirements Join a professional organization like the American Nurses Association.

  4. Secure your first nursing position in medical-surgical nursing. The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) notes that many nurses enter the legal nurse consultant role by way of critical care nursing; five years of nursing experience is recommended.

  5. Look for opportunities to excel and move up the career ladder. Many nurses work in specialty areas of medical-surgical nursing before transitioning into legal work.

    Make professional connections within the legal nurse consultant field. Become an associate member of the AALNC. Attend national or local conferences or participate in webinars . You may begin doing some classes or researching degree programs.

  6. You will generally need to do some formal coursework in legal nurse consulting. The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants recommends studies based on a particular text, Legal Nurse Consultant Principles and Practice.

  7. When you have got some nursing experience under your belt, feel free to answer ads for consultant work in legal settings. Your professional contacts will be useful.

Legal Nurse Consultant Personality Traits:

You will need strong critical thinking skills and some initiative in order to succeed. Since you’ll practice first in a more traditional setting, you’ll need the personality traits of a professional nurse.