Hemodialysis Technician Career Plan

The path to becoming a hemodialysis technician is relatively short, but you’ll want to do some advance preparation. Here are some tips.

Become a Hemodialysis Technician

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  1. Make sure you are on track to complete your high school diploma. Federal mandates make a diploma or GED a necessity. Make sure to get a solid background in science. Electives like psychology and speech can build poise and people skills. As a direct care worker, you will encounter people who are stressed or anxious as well as ill.

  2. Get some healthcare experience. You might start with job shadowing or career observation, but you’ll want to go beyond this. Consider volunteering in a hospital or nursing home.

    Many hemodialysis technicians start out as nursing assistants or other basic care providers. Some people are able to get their CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification while still in high school. If you know early enough that you are interested in health care, you may be able to attend a school that has a health care focus. Then you can complete nursing assistant training as part of the curriculum. Opportunities will depend on geographic location.

  3. Find out if your state has any hemodialysis regulations beyond those required by the federal government. Enroll in an educational program that follows CMS guidelines and is approved by your state board (if approval is required).

  4. Complete professional courses and required clinical hours. Think of all externship experiences as potential job interviews. You’re learning job skills, but you’re also given an opportunity to impress others with your professionalism.

  5. Complete certification requirements on the time frame required by your jurisdiction.

  6. Use all your resources to find a position. You may have a chance to post your curricula vitae on your certification site. If so, focus on work experiences, training, and other things that make you stand out.

Personality Traits: Hemodialysis technicians are team players. They have positive attitudes and a good bedside manner.