Health Services Manager Career Plan

It generally takes quite a few years of post-secondary education to become a health services manager. The path will be smoother if you have a clear plan in mind.

Become a Health Services Manager

Health Care Management Resources…

  1. Do some career exploration. You can do it at any time, but it’s best if you start during your high school years. There are a number of resources to help you. Your local Area Health Education Center (AHEC) may have programs that you can participate in. Major colleges and medical centers often have formal job shadow programs. It’s also a good idea to volunteer in health and social service organizations – employers value those who have health care experience.

    Consider participating in other activities that will build leadership and communication skills. You can participate in clubs like the Health Occupation Student Association and get an introduction to ethics issues.

  2. Meanwhile, get a solid academic foundation. Take some honors or AP courses if they’re available. There are a lot of good choices: composition, science, psychology, and economics.

  3. Research programs. There is more than one track in health services management. You can pursue a general healthcare administration degree or one in public health administration and social services. Some administrative positions will require a master’s degree. You’ll want to look ahead so that you know that you’re getting the prerequisites you’ll need.

  4. As an undergraduate, make a strong performance both inside and outside the lecture hall. Look for opportunities to intern in local healthcare facilities (or abroad). Some facilities will take you on as an unpaid intern even if it’s not required for your degree.

  5. Look for an entry level position in public health or prepare for graduate school. Allow yourself plenty of time to write application essays and gather references. If you are pursuing a career in public health administration, there is a central application system, SOPHAS.

  6. Make the most of your graduate school experience. Continue to look for internships. AUPHA is a potential resource for internships as well as career-focused competitions.

  7. Now it’s time to look for a permanent position. Many positions are through government agencies. There are also online job search resources available through organizations like AUPHA.

Personality Traits: Employers value managers who have real world experience and who are multidimensional. According to the College Board, organization, leadership, and problem solving ability are important traits.