Becoming a Geriatric Care Manager

Career Plan: a step by step approach…

Geriatric care managers do comprehensive assessments of elderly people and create care plans to ensure that their needs are met. A person can enter the geriatric care profession from nursing, social work, or other human services fields. The following guide is designed to help you get started on the journey.

Become a Geriatric Care Manager

Geriatric Care Management Resources…

  1. Do as much health care career exploration as you can. There are multiple entry points into the profession, and you’ll want to decide which is best for you. Consider health care camps or nursing camps; many are free. Resources include the Area Health Education Center (AHEC) and local nursing schools.
    Consider doing some volunteer work with the elderly. You might pursue CNA certification and work as a nursing assistant – some people are hired in this capacity while still in high school.

  2. Meanwhile, get prepared for college. Make sure that you have a solid math foundation and that your communication skills are strong. Consider taking electives in psychology and health.

  3. Select an undergraduate degree program. If you don’t want to go through nursing school, you might select social work or gerontology. Conversely, you can get a degree in another human services field and specialize in geriatric care management at the graduate level. There are respected post-baccalaureate programs which give certificates in geriatric care management. There are also master’s programs in related fields that allow you to specialize in geriatric care.

  4. Participate in pre-professional activities while you are an undergraduate. Join a professional organization as a student member. You might also consider the Health Occupations Students Association. Seek employment opportunities with the elderly. Chances are that your earliest jobs won’t provide you with the kind of experience you’ll need for professional certification, but they can help you build your career.

  5. You may also want to take business electives. Many geriatric care managers are in business for themselves.

  6. Consider graduate school or a post-baccalaureate certificate program. Look ahead to find out what the prerequisites are. Prepare your personal statement and gather references from people who are familiar with your work.

  7. Seek out entry level positions in your field.

  8. Now it’s time to get paid for doing what you love most. Your professional contacts may have leads. You may also advertise for clients once you have some experience.

Personality Traits: Geriatric care managers are organized and empathic. They have good critical thinking skills.