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PhD Programs in Psychology

Whether your goal is to become a licensed and practicing psychologist or you are just looking to expand your educational base to the doctorate level and create more opportunities for yourself, getting your Phd in Psychology online is an excellent option. This site should serve as a resource in your search for the right PhD program and it provides you with a number online program options to consider.

If you are interested in qualifying to sit for psychology licensing exams, the PhD in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and School Psychology programs all prepare you for licensure. Graduates of other doctoral programs such as general psychology, educational psychology, research evaluation, organizational/industrial, and health psychology often move on to professions in teaching, consulting, program administration, leadership, and counseling.

As you well know, PhD programs have distinct differences from the traditional masters or undergraduate study programs you have taken. At the PhD level, you are given the opportunity to create an individualized program designed to meet your professional goals and interests. In addition to the online learning, every doctoral psychology degree program includes face to face residencies. The length and scope of these residencies depends upon the program you choose.

Some states may have specific accreditation requirements to sit for licensing exams. If your goal is to become a licensed psychologist it is a good idea to contact the ASPPB to learn about your state's specific requirements.

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