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The MBA in Health Care Management

The MBA in Health Care Management prepares students for mid-level and executive level health care management positions in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, managed care organizations, biotechnology, consulting, health systems management, governement agencies and related health care organizations. Physicians, nurses, hospital administrators, health care administrators, medical office managers, pharmacists and other medical professionals have earned their MBA in Health Care Management from schools such as those found below. Full-time and part-time options allow flexibilty based on students' goals and schedules.

MBA in Health Care Management courses focus on health care policy, marketing, finance, long term care, managed care, strategic marketing and planning in health care and other real world education. Business and professional skills are a critical focus in each program, including business and health care ethics, leadership principles, and communication skills.

MBA Salaries in the Health Care Sector

Salaries will obviously vary based on geographic location, size of employer, experience and related conditions but here are some numbers to get you thinking. The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) reported that MBA median base salary for MBAs working in the health care industry was $85,429, the highest of all other industries. Fortune Magazine published an article regarding salary expectations of MBA graduates entering their first job in 2007. They found that graduates were expecting base salaries of $97,349 entering the biotech industry, $92594 entering the health care industry and $94,688 entering the pharmaceutical industry. Graduates didn't necessarily earn these amounts, but based on their salary and job research, these are the numbers they expected.

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