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Bachelor's in Health Administration - Health Information Systems Degree

A bachelor of science in health administration with a specialization in health information systems has become a very popular degree with the implementation of electronic medical records (EMR) in health care agencies across the country from physician offices to the hospital level. Career opportunities in this field are projected to grow as more and more health care facilities upgrade to EMR and other health related technologies. There will be an increasing need for individuals trained in health information systems to manage this complex technology and the people utilizing EMR and other such systems. The health administration courses provide students with knowledge of management, human resources, disease states, finance and accounting. The health information systems specialization will prepare students for the most recent applications of computer technology being used in health care and how to optimally collect, analyze, and use health data. Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration with the Health Information Systems specialization will find entry level jobs in smaller facilities and in health information management. According to, the average annual salary for professionals in the health information systems field is $56,000. Salaries will depend on location, experience and education.